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Technical Interview

Technical Interview

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Technology | Programming Languages

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Are you ready to conquer your next interview? To succeed, you need to understand the expectations. Virtually all technical interviews follow a very set pattern: you get asked a very specific type of question, you're required to have very specific knowledge, and you're expected to answer—and interact with your interviewer—in a very particular way. Knowing this in advance, and preparing accordingly, is the key to success. This course was designed to give you what you need to ace a technical interview. Included are: - videos that walk you through the algorithms and data structures concepts commonly asked in technical interviews - an explanation of efficiency, and an explanation of how it relates to topics covered throughout the class - practice problems and quizzes to test your understanding - a mock interview with a breakdown explaining how interviewers expect you to explain your thought process - curated links to outside resources, including a special link to live practice interviewing with other Udacity students on Pramp - if you’re a Nanodegree student, a final project where you can answer interview questions and get feedback from a trained reviewer. The goal of this course is to prepare you for a real technical interview, so we focus on the material you'll actually be expected to do.